Our company is constantly looking for additional and new inventory. We still have the “Fastest Check in the East” for your quality original U.S.G.I. M1 Garand, M14, and M1 Carbine parts. Ship your parts (with packing list and contact info) to our retail store for our offer in the form of our business check mailed the same day we receive your parts. We hold your parts intact until your acceptance.

We boast over a 99% satisfied customer record for over the last 30+ Years


WANTED!!!!!!!!!! Parts, bayonets, accessories, catalogs, brochures, old stock certificates, documents, manuals, or any other items produced by or related to the Johnson Automatics Co. Cranston R.I.


Model Shop and specific obsolete Gas Trap early M1 parts.

Yes, we are currently looking for these hard to find elusive parts for our clients. We are authorized to pay top dollar to obtain these items. We are especially in need of any Model Shop bolt, welded seam operating rod, or early gas system components. Model shop bolts are devoid of markings and have a sideways figure 8 shaped ejector hole as viewed from the face. Gas systems are the screw on type. We will pay a large reward for their capture or will pay a handsome finders fee for information leading to our purchasing of these items. We have posted pictures of some of these components below to aid in your identification of these parts.

Above: Left. Early Straight Eared front sight used on gas trap rifles. Notice the ears that straddle the front sight blade are straight. Later on in production the ears were “flared” so riflemen would not mistake one of the straight ears for the front sight blade. The straight eared versions can be numbered B 8882 as pictured above, or B 8882-0. The flared ear version is also numbered with the same drawing number or can be found un-marked. Notice the grooves machined into the sight.

Above: Right. Early numbered B-8876-4 gas cylinder plug. These can also be un-numbered. Several versions exist both with the large hole at the bottom or solid (later production).



Above. Early front handguard ferrule with the lip. These were used on early production M1 rifles that used the early gas system. Notice how a cone shaped appendage protrudes from the face of the ferrule.



Above. Early type milled follower rod with short fork and special machining that accepts the compensating spring. The example above is numbered C-46014 but the majority are un-numbered and also desirable.



Above. Early “Welded Seam” Operating rod. These can be also found without D 28296 number on handle. Notice that the assembly is one piece construction and the handle is not welded to the tube as in later production operating rods.

All Model Shop and Early Part photos above courtesy and copyright Robert Seijas Collection.

We are also interested in other gas trap parts including but not limited to:

Keystone shaped operating rod spring (square wire), compensating spring (square wire), any screw on “gas trap” gas system, early rear sight components, and SA/SPG marked wood or large hole over small hole butt-trap configuration. Any questions??? Just call 631 205 1299 or email Michael@m1garand.com and ask for Michael.












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