Below are comments made by some of our customers.

We thought you would like to hear them!

Don Finley. Cheyenne, WY;  Mr. Anthony: My Inland M1 Carbine arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and appearance of this 1943 beauty. It is everything you promised and much more. Although it is your Battle Rifle classification, it is in incredible condition.  I have put three rounds through her and she functioned flawlessly. The ejection is strong and the feeding was perfect.  I appreciate your attention to my emails and your assurance that I would be pleased is an understatement.You and Michael are class acts and it is obvious that you have a passion for these rifles. It shows in your products. I must admit I was a bit concerned when you convinced me that I did not need the more expensive rifle.  Your words were reassuring inasmuch as the difference was cosmetic and the fact that you have personally tested my rifle at the range was helpful. It is all you promised and more. The packaging wasrock solid and she arrived without a scratch.  I will highly recommend  Orion7 to anyone who inquires regarding your products and service. Thanks, Anthony and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Troy Zimmer, Wildomar, CA; Orion. We are often quick to criticize poor service but slow to say thanks for a job well done. This letter is to say “thanks very much” to Orion 7 for the above and beyond help extended to me recently. A couple of weeks ago I called about a problem with a recently acquired M1 Garand. It is a Korean War vintage that had been once through Great Britain. The correct British proofs are on the receiver and end of the barrel. The problem, and big disappointment, was that it barely headspaced on the no-go gauge. It was less than 1mm from fully closing. I asked your staff member if replacing the bolt might correct the problem. He went the extra distance and said he would hand-pick the one that measured the longest from the stock at hand. He also agreed to try to match the very dark parkerized finish that I needed. What was the outcome? The bolt arrived very quickly (a few days), corrected the headspace by about 250%, and matched my finish very closely. All this for about $60.00! Am I happy, and am I impressed! That’s what this letter is all about. My only regret is that I did not get the name of the person who helped me. His genuine concern and expertise were evident during the entire transaction. I hope he recognizes himself from this letter. Thanks for a job well done. Sincerely, Troy Zimmer, Ph.D.

Michael Capodarco, Acronet.net, Tony, I have to tell you. I have purchased two M1 rifles from you. One I use for re enacting and the other I only use at the range. Over the last three years I have seen many M1s in the re enacting community and nothing compares to your M1s and I mean nothing. I see time and again guys who tried to save a few bucks on a Garand and have nothing but trouble. On the other hand, my Garand has operated in the field flawlessly with no problems over the last three years. When others are sitting out tacticals because their Garand will not work, I am out there having a great time! On the range, I have yet to find another Garand that can punch holes in paper as tight as mine. I have received nothing but wonderful comments on my M1. This does not happen by chance. It is a tribute to your workmanship. Thanks for the great M1s. Mike Capodarco

James Fletcher, Troutdale, OR; Orion. The rifle you sold our club has become known as the “Laser Beam” of the club. Using surplus Cavim 30-06 ammunition, it is a 1.5 M.O.A. rifle! The beauty lies in the fact that it DOES NOT matter how hot the rifle is. First shot to the end of the match….same thing…dead on accurate! Thank you! Sincerely, James Fletcher.

Gregory Gustafson, Worldnet.att.net; Anthony, my order arrived today and all I can say is………actually I have no words to express my gratitude to you and your staff! I can hardly believe the condition of the parts you sent me! Quite simply, thank you very much. Your services are greatly appreciated and will be used again in the future. Once again, thank you and please congratulate everyone on your staff for a job well done. Gregory Gustafson

Robert Van Keuren, Rochester, NY; Hi Tony. You sold me an M1 at the gun show in Albany last week. I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for going out of your way to assure that I got a great rifle after I had made the 250 mile drive through the snow and you had sold out of the Battle Grade M1s. You took care of me and did the right thing. Many would have said, “sorry about that”. You assured I not only received an excellent “All Correct” WWII ear M1 but took a big hit on the sales price to allow me to stay within the dollar range I had set aside for the original purchase. The rifle is a beauty. What a sweet shooter. If I was charging a buck a man for all my friends that want to hold, shoot, and otherwise admire this rifle, I could buy all my ammo for the next year! I certainly will recommend you and your company (already have) to anyone I know or who asks about acquiring an M1. They can be assured of an honest deal from a man who loves the rifles and respects his customers. Many thanks again. Robert Van Keuren, Vietnam ’69-’70

Tom Lafleur, Melbourne, FL; Orion. Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did on putting that barrel on my Garand. I am extremely pleased with it. Indexed to perfection. I fired it in a match yesterday and did a lot better than my prior scores. I improved 78 points! Thanks again, Tom Lafleur

Anthony Nixon, Charlotte, Nc; Mr. Pucci. WOW! Let’s just say that you made this ol’ country boy one of the happiest people in the world. Just what I was looking for, a vintage WWII M1 rifle! Thanks for the tremendous help and patience you showed during this whole process. The extra time you took “restoring it” shows a person and company that takes great pride in its workmanship and cares about its products and customers. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful piece you sold me and the excellent support you have provided. Please look forward to additional requests for service in the future. Best regards, Anthony Nixon

Gregg Piper, Iowa City; Hello, just wanted to say I received my 30-06 ammunition order from you and I must admit that this ammo is fantastic. I recently purchased an M1 Garand and have been shooting the Korean 30-06 with almost devastating results. Some of the rounds mis-fired and and I had several split on impact at the casing causing flash and smoke thrown in my face. I then switched to a U.S. commercial product and had really good results until I bought your ammo.  Wow! Very smooth loading and I had no problems with this stuff. Thanks for suggesting this reasonably priced ammo. Regards, Gregg Piper.

Joe Latoche, Pittsburgh, Pa; Mr. Pucci. I just received the parts I recently ordered from you and wanted to thank you for matching the descriptions I gave you EXACTLY! It is truly a pleasure to do business with someone who really cares about and listens to his customers like you do. You’ll continue to have my repeat business, and I’ll be sure to send my friends to you as well! Thanks again, Joe Latoche

Chris Nowacki, Co; Orion. I just wanted to tell you guys the 1944 dated web sling I received from you made a great addition to my Win-13 rifle at a very fair price. I will spread the word on your quality items, fair prices, and great service. Thanks again, Chris Nowacki

Robert W. White, Summerfield, NC; Sirs. Enclosed is my money order for collectable Winchester M1 parts. I have ordered parts from you in the past and will not order from anyone else! The quality of the parts and your excellent service are an unbeatable combination. Thanks! Sincerely, Robert W. White

David Grove, WORLDNET.ATT.NET; Anthony. That was sure quick! I was going to send you an email today just to see if it arrived. Thanks for the quick turnaround. It was much appreciated. I also appreciate the quality service and parts you provide. I cannot say enough about you guys. It is a good feeling when you deal with someone who can trust, knowing you are going to get genuine parts and quality work. You have to be careful these days as there is so much faked junk out there. Having that bogus barrel on my restoration that I worked so hard on finding the correct parts for was just eating me up. Thanks for finding an original barrel for me. Once again, thanks so much and I will be in touch for sure as you have gained me as a faithful customer. Sincerely, David Grove

Alan Wojciak, Apple Valley, Ca; Orion. Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived here today all OK, no damage in shipping. I have to say it again that you folks provide a very customer friendly service, fast and painless. I will continue to recommend your company to my customers and friends! Thank you again! Alan Wojciak

Tom Hale, HALEMAIL.COM; Wow! Amazing! Superb! Oh My God!. These were just a few of the words I was saying as I opened the box that arrived today with my order. The three items I ordered are exactly as advertised! The M1 Garand bayonet is Superb and exactly what I asked for over the phone. It will make a great addition to my M1 display. A real gem! The other two items, a sling and clip, were also brand new, very high quality, and reasonably priced. I had great reservations about purchasing these items sight unseen. Your high quality merchandise and high level of customer service has allayed those fears, and I will be a regular customer from now on for all my M1 Garand needs. Thank you! Tom Hale

George Henriquez, PEOPLEPC.COM; Mr. Pucci. I received my M14 stock and handguard yesterday. Arrived in perfect condition. Great looking stock and the best looking handguard I have ever seen! I hope to use your products and great service in the future! Thank you. George Henriquez

William J. Jasper, AOL.COM; Dear Tony. I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you’ve been to me during the last few years, and to tell you how pleased I am with the quality of all your goods. Everything from the Military Grade Garand that I purchased, to the accessories (many which are rather hard to come bye), and the ammunition you recommended and provided. Everything was just as described! Many thanks! W.J. Jasper

Kevin Thompson, Cary, NC; Orion. Thought I would email your company and say a few good things about your customer service. I have ordered a few parts for my M1A from your outfit; bolt (TRW), rear sight, NM flash suppressor, and last but not least a TRW (as requested) operating rod! All parts were as advertised. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I found out about Orion 7 from various websites and internet message boards. Aside from the fair prices you list for your merchandise, I would like to say that one of the biggest reasons for buying is the posting of the following statement; “We only sell items that we would want on our own rifles!” That caught my eye and after spending a couple of dollars with your company, I believe ya! One very satisfied customer. Kevin Thompson

John Dietz, Halloran-sage.com; Orion. I received the parts kit and wanted to let you know that it’s the best M1 kit I have purchased to date! Another satisfied customer. Thanks again. John Dietz

William Swann, Mindspring.com; I arrived home tonight and found my order from your company and without exception, all of what I ordered was present. However, it seems that my math was wrong, and I owe you some money for what was my error. Please find check enclosed. I want to thank you for having the confidence in my honesty and shipping my order even though I made the error in sending the correct amount to cover the cost of the merchandise. To my knowledge, I have never heard of a company doing this for a non-commercial customer. Furthermore, it was an extraordinary move on your part, as this was my first occasion to be a customer of yours. I plan to be a continuing customer as I need parts and services. Sincerely, William L. Swann

Mark J. Petroski, Manchester CT; Dear Tony, I really felt compelled to drop you a note and thank you for the quality merchandise you sent me. Your professionalism is second to none. Every time I call you are helpful, friendly, and to the point. It’s a pleasure to do business with you for you sell quality merchandise and you are honest with your customers. Thanks again Tony! Sincerely, Mark Petroski

Mark Wright, San Antonio, TX; Tony, just wanted to pass along my compliments. The NM stock was just as you described it and it was a great fit on the rifle that you recently mounted the 7.62mm barrel. I found a set of handguards that are almost a perfect match and everything looks great! Once again, thanks again for the outstanding service that you provide. Best regards, Mark Wright

Eddie Painter, ALLTELL.NET; Received my order today. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks for the correct heat lot on the bolt. Exactly what I wanted. Great service! Will be ordering from you again. Sincerely, Eddie Painter

Thomas Johnson, Lake Charles, La; Hello, This is just a note to say “thank you”, for getting my M1 parts to me so quickly. I, as well as my M1, appreciate your promptness. Thomas Johnson

Dewayne Hayes, Little Rock, AR; Mr. Pucci, Just wanted to thank you guys for sending me the “green” finish op rod and bolt that I requested. I know Garand parts run the gauntlet color-wise, and taking your time to go through who knows how many parts to find ones with a minty green finish like I requested was truly an example of fine customer service. Sadly, this kind of personalized customer service is something you just don’t run across much any more. I guess that makes it all the more special when you do. Thanks again. Dewayne Hayes

Gene Lee, Etiwanda, CA; Tony, Just opened my parts kit yesterday. Don’t think I could have come down to your shop and picked out a better one. I’m going to screw this one into a 5 digit SA receiver for my shooter. Thank you! Gene Lee

John Saviano, East Douglas MA; Mr. Pucci. Received the new M1 walnut stock set today. I just thought you would like to know it fits like a glove! Trigger guard lock up is just about perfect. Great service. My bills don’t come this fast. J. Saviano

Fred Crowley, Gmail.com;   For as long as I’ve been involved in this thing of ours, I can tell you that nothing rivals getting Pucci Parts in the mail.  And my collection
wouldn’t be near the caliber it is today without your help.  Fred Crowley

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