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Join the Garand Collectors Association! Membership currently stands over 17,000. If you are even remotely interested in the development and history of the M1 rifle or just interested in shooting the M1 rifle, membership in this organization is a must. Members receive the The Journal, the official quarterly publication of the Garand Collectors Association. Each issue is loaded with in-depth articles, quality photographs, and interesting articles and stories related to the M1 rifle. Visit them and find an application for membership at their new website TheGCA.ORG

Garand Collectors Association Convention 2000 at Springfield Armory NHS. We have the pictures. Click GCA convention to take a look!

New York residents only! Join the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association! Enjoy the many benefits they offer! NYSRPA Web site

Are you a member of the NRA? If you are, visit their web site linked below for member benefits. If not, go to their website and sign up today! NRA Web site

Interested in the Johnson semi-auto rifle? Well there is a site on the web devoted to the research and history of this fantastic rifle. Great site maintained by a great group of collectors. Visit them at:

Walt Liss visiting Orion at our old facility. Walt is holding an M1941 Johnson Rifle that he just finished working on. George Vassilev (local buddy) is looking on. Walt’s passion is the Johnson rifle and he is probably one of the most knowledgeable people around on the subject and will go out of his way to help fellow Johnson enthusiasts.


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