M1 Garand Ammunition

Page last updated 8/17/2021

Sellier & Belloit 30-06 150 Grain FMJ. 


1st quality Sellier & Belloit ammunition made with the finest components.  USGI 150 Grain M2 Ball loading and custom loaded by S&B  for your M1 Garand, 1903/1903A3, and other .30 Cal. firearms such as BAR, and Browning MGs.  Boxer primed, annealed brass case, non-corrosive, non-magnetic projectile, Extremely accurate in all the guns we extensively tested it in.  Great brass to reload.  Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Some of the best M2 ball on the market!!!!

20 round boxes $34.95  Sold Out

200 rounds (10 boxes of 20 ) $349.95  – Sold Out

200 rounds packed on brand new 8 rd clips (25 loaded clips) $399.95 – Sold Out

400 round case ( 20 boxes ) $699.95  – Sold Out


30-06 Priv Partizan New Commercial Ball ammo.  150 Grain FMJ Special M1 Garand Loading.

1st quality Serbian ammo made with the finest components.  Boxer primed, annealed brass case, non-corrosive, non-magnetic projectile, great brass to reload.  Manufactured especially for M1 Garand Rifles but can be used in any rifle chambered for the 30-06 round!

200 Rounds ( 10 boxes of 20 )   Sold out!

200 Rounds packed on brand new 8 rd clips.  (25 loaded clips) Sold out!

500 Rounds packed in sealed air and water tight GI style can.  Packed 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes.    Sold out!








All Ammunition Orders please read below.

Sorry, no ammunition shipments to the following:

Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington DC. 

New Jersey and Illinois: ( No shipments to Chicago ) must have state issued FOID identification cards.  Ct. residents must supply copy of Ammo card or pistol permit. 

New York:  Due to the NY Safe Act,  ammunition to New York STATE residents must be shipped to your dealer and you may also come to our showroom to pick up your ammo and save on shipping.

California: Ammunition must be shipped to an authorized dealer and we need a copy of their FFL before the ammunition will be shipped.

You need to send by fax 631 205 0353 and copy of your photo I.D. and statement ( cut and paste ) as listed below to us….or better yet, you can take a picture of your ID with your phone or scanner and send it to our email address Michael@M1garand.com

How To Order…Please call 631 205 1299 during our normal business hours.  We do not have a shopping cart at this time set up to take ammunition orders but we are currently working on it!

For mailed in orders please email us for your shipping quote. Please include along with your payment a copy of your C&R-FFL license or drivers license and statement ” I am at least 21 years old and know of no laws prohibiting me from ordering /receiving this ammunition” Just reserve your ammo via email and we will hold it for you until your paperwork and payment arrives.

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