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Anthony and Elena Pucci at a 20 year high school reunion. Both Anthony and Elena were born on the same day, same year! Now how’s that for a match!


GUNS GUNS GUNS. Elena Pucci at Springfield Armory NHS in the “Gun Room” The tour was during the Garand Collectors Association convention August 2000


Left. Elena Pucci at one of her many flower gardens she enjoys designing and maintaining. Right. Leah Pucci at the negotiation table.

Left: Michael A. Pucci loading the truck for a gunshow. Mike likes to shoot and has since an early age been interested in firearms. Wonder why? Right, holding a very nice original 1945 M1 rifle in the Orion showroom on his 18th birthday in 2002.


Left. Hey that’s me (Anthony Jr.) in an Army jeep that my dad brought home after his annual 2 week maneuvers at Camp Drum, NY. Circa 1961. He used to bring me home real neat stuff like fired 30-06 cases, web gear, and army food. Right. CWO 4 Anthony Sr. posing in front of rows of mechanized artillery and tanks. One of my favorite pictures of my dad when I was growing up as a kid. This picture sits on my dresser and I look at it every day!

Scott A. Duff (right) presenting Anthony Pucci Jr. the first covers of his then new book, The M1 Garand: World War II at the Allentown, Pa. gunshow in October 1993. Both these writers have been good friends since the mid 1980s. Photo Elena A. Pucci


Four Pucci brothers pose for a picture in N.Y.C. Summer 1950, just after the news of the fighting in Korea. From left; Alfred, Albert, Ralph, and Anthony. All served during World War II in both the Pacific and European Theatres.

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