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NOTE: To keep someone from unscrupulously either subscribing you , or unsubscribing you, our mailing list system will send out an email that you will need to respond to, in order to complete your wish to Join (or Leave) the Orion7 News Mailing List. Please be sure to watch for that email, and respond to it. It will come from: . Please see below for more tips.

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      More helpful information about the Mailing List:

      The News/Announcements Emails will come with a prefix in the
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      Once you have replied to the email asking you to confirm your wishes (either to Join or Leave), you will receive a  “Welcome” or “Sorry to see you leave” email message. That email confirms your request/wishes were completed.  If you do not receive such an email, just respond to your confirmation email again.

      Usually, simply replying works.  But some email programs, just don’t follow normal convention. Your confirmation email will also include a link, simply clicking on that link, or cutting and pasting it into your browser’s address bar, and going to that link will confirm your wishes/request.

      If that fails, you can visit the actual user admin page, and send in your request there.
      Orion7-news Info and User Account Page
      At the bottom of that page, you can unsubscribe, or apply for an account password, and than login and control your subscription.. you can suspend receiving  the newsletters without leaving / unsubscribing.

      Or for help, email :



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