2000 GCA Convention


Garand Collectors Association Convention. Springfield, Ma. 2000

Entrance to museum Hey!                                 Up against the wall! You know these guys?



Allan Cors, representing the CMP, presenting SANHS an M1 and 1903 rifle.



Left: Scott Duff presenting SANHS drawings of JCG’s 1922/24 rifle design on behalf of the Garand family. Scott also donated a Krag rifle box to the Museum from his personal collection. Right: Serial numbers 1,2, and 4016. 4016 was found intact and original at Anniston (CMP) several years ago. Someone almost got very lucky and got this rifle as a service grade! Oh Boy!



Rows and rows of guns. You can look but you can’t touch!




Muskets galore! Now what are these funny brass framed rifles? These got my attention!



Elena saying, “Tony, just like downstairs at Rocky Point.” Rows of swords!



Dick Dean


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