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All parts listed, unless otherwise noted, are original U.S.G.I. and are in very good to excellent original condition.

In order to better serve you, a few items are quality reproduction and are marked with a * after their description.

We carefully inspect and gauge where possible all parts before shipment to insure first quality. We do not ship anything we would not want for our own rifles! Our parts meet all U.S.G.I. military specifications. Expect all Springfield manufactured first quality replacement parts.

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g1.JPG G1, Bolt, stripped

Fully inspected, gauged, and refinished in Mil-Spec. Parkerizing.

$99.95 G1 Quantity:
g2.JPG G2, Bolt, complete

Complete with new USGI parts. Fully inspected and gauged and finished in Mil-spec. Parkerizing.

$129.95 G2 Quantity:
g4a.JPG G4a, Extractor spring $2.00 G4a Quantity:
g5.JPG G5, Ejector assembly

$13.50 G5 Quantity:
g6.JPG G6, Firing Pin $29.95 G6 Quantity:
g6a.JPG G6a, Bolt Rebuild Kit

Complete kit. All USGI genuine parts.

$74.95 G6a Quantity:
g7.JPG G7, Trigger housing, Stripped $49.95 G7 Quantity:
g8.JPG G8, Trigger housing complete Assy

Refinished with new pins and springs.

$199.95 G8 Quantity:
g8.JPG G8a, NM Spec Trigger Group complete Assy

2-4 week delivery

$274.95 G8a Quantity:
g11.JPG G11, Safety


$14.50 G11 Quantity:
g12.JPG G12, Clip ejector spring $9.50 G12 Quantity:
g13.JPG G13, Hammer $44.95 G13 Quantity:
g14.JPG G14, Hammer Pin $2.50 G14 Quantity:
g15.JPG G15, Hammer Plunger $7.95 G15 Quantity:
g17.JPG G17, Hammer Spring $3.00 G17 Quantity:
g18.JPG G18, Hammer Spring Housing $13.50 G18 Quantity:
g19.JPG G19, Trigger/sear assembly $28.50 G19 Quantity:
g20.JPG G20, Trigger Pin $2.50 G20 Quantity:
g22.JPG G22, Bullet Guide


$16.95 G22 Quantity:
g23.JPG G23, Follower and slide assembly $34.95 G23 Quantity:
g24.JPG G24, Follower arm $27.95 G24 Quantity:
g25.JPG G25, Follower arm pin $3.50 G25 Quantity:
g26.JPG G26, Follower rod $16.50 G26 Quantity:
g28a.JPG G28a, Operating rod spring, Orion7, 17-7 S-S
Quantity   1      2 - 4     5+  
Price $10.00 $9.50 $9.00
G28a Quantity:
g29.JPG G29, Gas Cylinder


$199.95 G29 Quantity:
g30.JPG G30, Gas Lock $20.00 G30 Quantity:
g32.JPG G32, Gas Plug*

$24.00 G32 Quantity:
g33.JPG G33, Lower band * $16.95 G33 Quantity:
g34.JPG G34, Lower band pin rolled $1.00 G34 Quantity:
g36.JPG G36, Front handguard ferrule * $11.50 G36 Quantity:
g37.JPG G37, Front handguard liner * $12.95 G37 Quantity:
g38.JPG G38, Stock ferrule assembly * $19.95 G38 Quantity:
g38a.JPG G38a, Stock ferrule screw $3.50 G38a Quantity:
g39.JPG G39, Stacking swivel $10.95 G39 Quantity:
g39a.JPG G39a, Stacking swivel screw $1.50 G39a Quantity:
g40.JPG G40, Butt swivel, rear $12.95 G40 Quantity:
g41.JPG G41, Buttplate with trap door*

Quality Reproduction

Quantity   1+  
Price $29.95
G41 Quantity:
g41a.jpg G41a, buttstock & handguard metal set *
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $69.95 $64.50
G41a Quantity:
g43.JPG G43, Buttplate screw long lower $3.00 G43 Quantity:
g44.JPG G44, Rear handguard clip $9.50 G44 Quantity:
g46.JPG G46, Clip latch pin $4.00 G46 Quantity:
g47.JPG G47, Clip latch spring $2.75 G47 Quantity:
g48.JPG G48, Front sight $18.50 G48 Quantity:
g49.JPG G49, Front sight screw $1.00 G49 Quantity:
g50.JPG G50, Front sight National Match .062 *

Made to exact U.S.G.I. specs. Milled from bar stock and not cast. Best on market. .062.

$37.95 G50 Quantity:
g51.JPG G51, Rear sight spring cover $9.50 G51 Quantity:
g52.JPG G52, Rear sight base

$34.95 G52 Quantity:
g53.JPG G53, Rear Sight Aperture $9.50 G53 Quantity:
g53a.jpg G53a, NM Hooded Rear Sight Aperture $44.95 G53a Quantity:
g54.JPG G54, Windage knob $29.95 G54 Quantity:
g56b.JPG G56b, Rear Sight Assy $174.95 G56b Quantity:
g57_nato_762_sa.JPG G57, M1 Garand Barrel NATO 7.62 SA

Genuine USGI like new. SOLD OUT.

$299.95 G57 Quantity:

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