M1 Carbine Parts

All listed parts are original U.S.G.I. and are in excellent or new condition.
Expect first quality replacements. Sorry, we are unable to offer specific rare parts or manufacturers from this listing at this time. Just good quality U.S.G.I. replacement parts.

We do post collectable specific M1 carbine parts on our collectors only page when we get them, Click here.

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c1.JPG C1, Spare parts and rebuild kit.

All new or like new USGI!

$129.95 C1 Quantity:
c3a.JPG C3a, Barrel band without bayonet lug*


$0.00 c3a Quantity:
c6.JPG C6, Rear sight adjustable

Quality Reproduction - SOLD OUT

$34.99 C6 Quantity:
c9.JPG C9, Front sight*


$19.95 C9 Quantity:
c11.JPG C11, Front sight pin $2.00 C11 Quantity:
c12.JPG C12, Recoil spring


$14.50 C12 Quantity:
c13.jpg C13, Spring Tube $9.95 C13 Quantity:
c13.jpg C14, Spring Tubes, Pack or 5 $34.95 C14 Quantity:
c15.JPG C15, Slide


$0.00 C15 Quantity:
c17.JPG C17, Slide stop


$12.50 C17 Quantity:
c19.JPG C19, Slide stop spring $1.50 C19 Quantity:
c21a.JPG C21a, Bolt rebuild kit $74.95 C21a Quantity:
c22.JPG C22, Firing pin $18.95 C22 Quantity:
c23.JPG C23, Ejector with spring


$12.75 C23 Quantity:
c24.JPG C24, Extractor

like new USGI.

$27.99 C24 Quantity:
c25.JPG C25, Extractor spring & plunger $14.95 C25 Quantity:
c26.JPG C26, Band spring $9.95 C26 Quantity:
c27.JPG C27, Buttplate screw $2.50 C27 Quantity:
c30.JPG C30, Recoil plate $14.95 C30 Quantity:
c31.jpg C31, Recoil Plate Screw $1.95 C31 Quantity:
c32.jpg C32, Stock Nut $3.95 C32 Quantity:
c34.jpg C34, Trigger group complete, Rebuilt


$299.95 C34 Quantity:
c37.JPG C37, Hammer $45.00 C37 Quantity:
c38.JPG C38, Hammer pin $7.00 C38 Quantity:
c39.JPG C39, Hammer spring $6.50 C39 Quantity:
c40.JPG C40, Hammer spring plunger $9.50 C40 Quantity:
c41.JPG C41, Trigger spring $5.00 C41 Quantity:
c42.JPG C42, Sear spring $5.00 C42 Quantity:
c44.JPG C44, Trigger pin $5.00 C44 Quantity:
c46.JPG C46, Sear $45.00 C46 Quantity:
c48.JPG C48, Magazine catch M1 $12.95 C48 Quantity:
c49.JPG C49, Magazine catch M2 $29.95 C49 Quantity:
c50.JPG C50, Mag catch spring & plunger

Magazine catch spring and plunger

$12.00 C50 Quantity:
c51.JPG C51, Rotatary Safety $9.95 C51 Quantity:
c52.JPG C52, Safety spring and plunger


$5.95 C52 Quantity:
IMG_6412 C60, Flash Hider

USGI Like New

$74.95 C60 Quantity:

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