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Collector Grade Parts and Accessories

04/15/2014  ********************************************************************************  Please Click here and read this page FIRST, for “how to buy” and for the Keys (red letters) Collector Grade Parts, Collector Grade Accessories, and Collector Grade firearms from Orion 7 Ent. Inc or Orion 7 LLC. The sales process … Continue reading

Shop Services

Page last updated 04/15/2014 Services for M1 Garand Rifles, M1 Carbines, M14 Rifles + M1 Garand Hospital Shop Services + M1 Garand Rifle Inspection and Rebuild Packages Complete Technical Inspection. The Private. Complete inspection and tear down of your rifle. … Continue reading

M1 Garand Rifle Sales

M1 Garand Rifles Select Grade, Select U.S.G.I. Grade, 7.62 NATO, Match Grade and T-1 EBR rifles come complete with 5 USGI 8rd clips, Instructional Video, and have a one year parts and labor warranty!   Above: Photos of our Military … Continue reading


Last Updates  04/14/2014 M1 Garand parts kits complete less receiver.  Now in our E-Store. These are top grade kits with your choice of like new original 30-06 Springfield Armory or Harrington and Richardson barrels OR original like new 7.62 MM … Continue reading