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M14/M1A Ammunition

Priv Partisan 308 Ball.  145 grain FMJ brass case, boxer primed, non-corrosive, newly made commercial ( NOT SURPLUS ) quality ammo.  Extremely consistent and accurate.  Some of the best 308 currently available on the market right now when you can … Continue reading

M1 Carbine Ammunition

M1 Carbine Ammunition Sorry, no ammunition shipments to the following: Any where prohibited and specifically; Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington DC.  New Jersey and Illinois buyers must have state issued FOID identification cards.  Conn. residents must supply Ammo ID card or … Continue reading

M1 Garand Ammunition

Page last updated 1/23/2018 Sellier & Belloit 30-06 150 Grain FMJ.  Special M2 Ball loading!!! BACK IN STOCK!!!     1st quality Sellier & Belloit ammunition made with the finest components.  USGI 150 Grain M2 Ball loading and custom loaded by S&B … Continue reading

The Pucci Page

  Anthony and Elena Pucci at a 20 year high school reunion. Both Anthony and Elena were born on the same day, same year! Now how’s that for a match!   GUNS GUNS GUNS. Elena Pucci at Springfield Armory NHS … Continue reading


Below are comments made by some of our customers. We thought you would like to hear them! Don Finley. Cheyenne, WY;  Mr. Anthony: My Inland M1 Carbine arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and appearance of this … Continue reading

M14 / M1A

The M14 , or AKA in civilian attire, M1A. The son of the Garand. The “improved” Garand, as some may say. All but in retirement till it found it’s place into today’s confrontations. Known for it’s accuracy and being able … Continue reading

M1 Carbine

“The carbine turned out to be the ace weapon of this war … It was light and handy, powerful, and reasonably accurate … The cartridge was powerful enough to penetrate several thicknesses of helmet and to perforate the plates of … Continue reading

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand, “The greatest battle implement ever devised.” General George S. Patton Orion 7 offers the finest examples at all levels of M1 Garand Rifles, parts, service and accessories. Part and Accessories Ammo Rifle Sales Collector Grade Rifle Sales … Continue reading


 AMMO SPECIALS 200 rounds of S&B 30-06 on clips – $214.95 500 rounds of PPU 45 ACP – $174.95 200 rounds of PPU 30 Carbine FMJ – $89.95 200 rounds of PPU 303 British SP – $169.95 200 rounds of PPU 8MM … Continue reading